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Poems in Magazines


“Hello, Spring!” March 2021


Countdown/The School Magazine

“Dandelion,” February 2021


Highlights High Five

“Flying Kiss,” February 2011

“I Love Pasta,” September 2011 

“Mealtime Masterpiece,” January 2014

“I’m a Little Snowman,” February 2014

“Rain, Rain, Here to Stay,” March 2014

“Beautiful Butterflies,” August 2014

“Bookworms,” March 2015

 “Goodnight, Stars,” March 2015

“Squiggly, Wiggly Worms,” October 2017



“Marshmallow Soup,” February 2013  

“Anthill Thrill,” July/August 2020

“Museum of Art,” February 2021


Stories for Children

“My Whirly Swirls,” November 2009  

“My Messy Masterpiece,” September 2012 

Cover of Babybug Magazine
Cover of High Five Magazine
Cover of Stories for Children Magazine
Cover of Countdown Magazine
Cover of Ladybug Magazine
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